Windows usb/dvd download tool: creates a bootable usb / dvd from iso

Traditional days have sầu gone by, and most of us vì not use CD / DVD. There are a few freeware available over the mạng internet to lớn create a bootable USB flash drive sầu from ISO. ISO2Disc does not only supports creating bootable CD / DVD from Windows ISO, but it also allows us to lớn create bootable USB flash drive and Windows To Go USB drive sầu. Microsoft understands the modern PC users và created software khổng lồ make a bootable CD / DVD called Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. This tool does not only tư vấn creating a bootable CD / DVD from ISO, but it also features creating a bootable USB flash drive from ISO. Those who don’t want to lớn use a third-các buổi party ứng dụng can install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, which Microsoft has officially released. However, this phầm mềm is missing with Windows To Go feature. This software was launched with the Windows 7 operating system’s release và continues to lớn tư vấn Windows 10. Earlier, this official tool was known as Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool was renamed to Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, as it was confusing the Windows 8 / 8.1 users.

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How lớn Create a Bootable USB / DVD from ISO?

Step 1. Download, install và open Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (available in different languages) on any Windows PC, including Windows XPhường., Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 PC.



Step 4. Select a USB device khổng lồ create a bootable USB drive sầu or select the DVD to lớn create a bootable DVD.


We are creating a USB flash drive sầu for Windows 10, and I have sầu inserted a USB drive on my computer.

Step 5. It will automatically detect the USB drive. In case not detected automatically, cliông chồng on the Refresh icon.


Step 6. Once the USB drive sầu is ready, cliông chồng Begin Copying.

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Step 7. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool will prompt you lớn format your USB drive sầu.


Step 8. Click Erase USB Device khổng lồ format your USB drive sầu.

Now, it will start formatting &, after that, copying of required files once you are ready with a bootable Windows USB drive sầu, boot & install on any computer.

Once you have sầu created a bootable USB flash drive, you can demo it without installing it on your computer or máy tính.

Download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

You can tải về Windows USB/DVD Download Tool from here.