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Bạn đang xem: How do i make merged cells identically sized?


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When you sort a range in a Excel worksheet, Excel does not sort the range. Additionally, you may receive sầu the following error message:

This operation requires the merged cells lớn be identically sized.


This issue might occur if you sort a range of cells, & if the following conditions are true:

You previously merged some of the cells, but not all of the cells in the sort range.You previously merged all of the cells in the sort range và the cells are not all the same kích cỡ.


To work around this issue, split all the merged cells in the range, or merge all the cells in the range so that the merged cells are the same kích thước. Each merged cell in the range must occupy the same number of rows and columns as the other merged cells in the range.

General solution

Select the entire range you want to lớn sort.

In the Alignment group on the Home tab, select the Alignment dialog box launcher.

Select the Alignment tab, & then clear the Merge cells check box.

Select OK.

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This can alter the layout of the data in the range.

Example solution

In a worksheet, type the following data:

A1: B1: Name C1: ValueA2: B2: Sue C2: 1A3: B3: Tom C3: 2Merge cells A1 & B1, A2 & B2, và A3 & B3. To do this, follow these steps:

Select each pair of cells.

Select the Alignment dialog box launcher in the Alignment group on the Home tab.

Select the Alignment tab, and then select the Merge cells kiểm tra box.

Select OK.

Do not merge cells in column C.

Select cells A1:C3, select Sort và Filter in the Editing group on the Home tab, & then clichồng Custom Sort.

In the Sort box, select "Column C" next to Sort By, và then select OK. You should see the error message as documented above.

To resolve the issue, bởi one of the following:

Unmerge cells A1:B3 so there are no merged cells in the selection.Merge cells C1 và D1, C2 & D2, & C3 and D3, so that C column is same sized (merged) as the A/B column. Then select cells A1:D3, & repeat steps 3 & 4 using a unikhung range kích thước.
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