Hustlers are often thought of as crafty, manipulative schemers who take advantage of others.

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But there are also many positive sầu traits associated with those who are distinguished as hustlers.

For instance, in business when we think of someone who hustles, we think of someone who stays busy, thinks quickly, seizes opportunity, has a great sales pitch (the gift of persuasion), can take on any challenge, makes things happen, & gets things done!


A hustler is someone who just plain and simple makes a way when there’s NO way.

A hustler will never take “no” for an answer.

They are individuals who more often than not, find themselves on the winning side – succeeding và achieving at just about everything they take on.

Repeatedly, we find that good things come to lớn those who hustle and those who are not willing to accept less.

We find that those who just keep hustling ultimately get the results they desire.

It is not a mere coincidence that hustling leads to positive results.

We can clearly see from example và experience that a successful result is tied lớn one’s ability and willingness lớn work harder than anyone else.

So, let’s look at the useful và positive sầu traits required to lớn be a successful hustler and turn losing inlớn winning.

While each one has their unique style or method for winning, there are a few staples that every hustler keeps in their tool bag.

These characteristics are always handy and accessible in ensuring that good things come lớn those who hustle.

Why Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

1. Time & Effort


Sacrifice, hard work – the never-ending grind – is the modus operandi of a true, dedicated hustler.

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There is NO defined schedule (no 9-5). Instead, a hustler puts in as much time as they deem necessary khổng lồ grab hold of what they want. Hustlers don’t allow themselves to get boxed in by routines & time limits.

There is a labor of love sầu.

They find joy in exerting the energy needed to accomplish their vision.

Hard work, long hours, multiple assignments, risky business, are all sweet-sounding descriptions of time và effort (from their view).

You see, every hustler knows that laying around hoping or relying solely on faith without action will never turn a dream to reality, or transsize hope inlớn real possibilities.

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2. Determination

Courage, willpower, và guts – these are the foundation of a hustler’s game.

Every hustler has a vision, a goal, or a desire they see in their mind’s eye.

They are willing to go after it regardless of the potential challenges.

So they mix up a solid basis for achieving greatness.

They understand that they will encounter pain, get turned around, and fall countless times. But they never focus on the negatives và always focus on the positive.

No matter the obstacle or issue that comes their way, they fight past it & pichồng up their pace.

Good things come lớn those who hustle because they can outlast every storm and survive sầu disasters to lớn begin anew.

They operate in the spirit of never giving up, và persevering against all odds. Hustlers outplay and outlast all contenders.

3. Preparedness


A hustler stays prepared. First, they paông chồng the right tools & bring the right supplies. They know what the adventure entails so they bring the physical items và tune their minds & emotions accordingly.

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But they are also flexible enough to lớn change direction, adjust their timing, or reconfigure their plan without getting frazzled.

They are quiông xã khổng lồ sense an opportunity or see a new angle they could go after without much hesitation.

A hustler is lượt thích a chameleon – they become what they need lớn be given the time and space they are in. A true hustler never misses the train, plane, or bus.

They are first in line khổng lồ clayên that prime seat.

They are never left behind because they are always ready, always prepared lớn clalặng the prize.

When opportunity knocks, the hustler is right there to lớn snatch it.

4. Persuasion

If a hustler needs to convince others lớn follow them, act on their ideas, or assist them, they must be emotionally tied lớn their vision.

They must have sầu no doubt in the validity of that vision.

Then, they must utilize their mastery of communication lớn get their message across in such a powerful manner that listeners buy-in with little to no hesitation.

They pump us up and get us committed to their goals và desire.

Before you know it, we are their advocates, supporters, và contributors working hard lớn help them reach that pinnacle.

A good hustler knows nothing is ever handed over on a silver platter.

They realize that they will often have to lớn negotiate và bargain to lớn acquire what they want.

They underst& that the ability to lớn effectively persuade others is critical to accomplishing their goals.

Think about it: if a hustler can manage to lớn get people from all levels of society, with a variety of talent & a pool or resources in their camp, how can they lose?

This is why good things come to lớn those who hustle.

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5. Network


Nobody makes it on their own. Regardless of what people are willing to lớn admit, the right connections and contacts play a significant role in getting us to lớn the place of success.

Any accomplished hustler knows that they must interact with others.

Hustlers will liên kết with those in their field, as well as those who have sầu resources or access to assets and people who can help them to lớn advance.

They pull from the best of the best, combine those pieces, & churn out something special.

They not only size relationships with knowledgeable individuals but also create valuable partnerships. They glean information from those who have sầu already found success.

In doing so, they gain easy access to lớn direction, examples, and mentorship. These all help khổng lồ lead them down the road lớn greatness.

Hustlers make things happen.

Yes, good hustlers are calculating. But, more importantly, they plan, strive, và go after what they want with NO reservations.

Their mind is always defining their next move sầu. They stay in touch with what’s hot & what’s not, as well as who’s hot and who’s not. This way, they know where lớn focus their attention khổng lồ get just what they want.

They invest time & effort, display fierce determination, operate in a state of constant preparedness, nurture, and use their gift of persuasion, as well as snatch every networking opportunity.

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Hustlers are neither afraid nor ashamed khổng lồ stake their clayên. They stvà ready to reap the fruits of their labor.

As winners, they know that in the end, good things may come to lớn those who wait – but, truly good things come khổng lồ those who hustle!